Our Stories

Stephanie Rooney

“I joined the Knockout Health Challenge because I was looking at improving my health and I thought this would be perfect so I can have that support and not do it by myself. The best thing is having the support from the team, it makes a great difference to have those people behind you, supporting you and backing you. The information, the food, the cooking, the working out and the things that you can do at home have all been fantastic.

Not only am I feeling 100% better health wise, I’m energetic, I’m motivated and I’m feeling very positive and confident, this is transferring onto my girls. My daughters have noticed a difference and they’re encouraging me now. I’m being a lot more active with my girls, we’re going out playing more, they’re enjoying my company more and we’re having a great time.

I’ve seen weight loss, since the beginning of the challenge I’ve lost 15kg. I have a new found confidence and my positive mindset has improved significantly. I feel like I can take on anything, I feel great and the team has really helped with that.”