The NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge is a community led healthy lifestyle and weight loss challenge for Aboriginal communities across NSW. The Challenge is delivered in partnership with Barwon Aboriginal Corporation who have strong connections with Country Rugby League (CRL) and National Rugby League (NRL).



– The Challenge aims to motivate Aboriginal people to manage their lifestyle-related risk factors for chronic disease and reduce prevalence of overweight and obesity through a weight loss competition and physical activity challenges.

– The Challenges enables communities to take lead on physical activity and nutrition activities that will work for them, to make and lead a healthier lifestyle. These activities may include weekly boot-camp style workouts, cooking classes, walking groups and educational and information sessions.

– It is up to the team committee and auspicing organisation to decide what works best for your community.

– The program recognises the important role that Aboriginal communities play in leading community events to address chronic disease and associated risk factors and therefore is an essential element of the Challenge.

– Aboriginal communities are the experts in identifying the range of risk factors and issues that exist within a local community and developing measures to address them.

– The Challenge aims to join up existing services and networks and build capacity in local communities to ensure that outcomes will be sustainable.


There is strong evidence that being physically active regularly and eating healthy is effective in reducing risk factors for chronic disease, and overweight and obesity.