2019 Koori Cooking Program

The NSW Aboriginal Knockout Challenge is partnering with the Heart Foundation in supporting the delivery of the 4 week Koori Cooking Program to teams registered and participating in 2019 Challenge 1 of NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge.

The NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge will be providing $500 small grant to eligible teams (communities) to implement this program in community.

Teams are required to co fund the initiative, at an estimated cost of $500 from either their auspicing organisation or a community organisation willing to support this local initiative.

What is the Koori Cooking Program?

The Koori Cooking Program has been developed by Heart Foundation (NSW Division). The program runs over 4 weeks, and encourages participants to have "hands on" experience in preparing healthy and tasty meals each week. The program allows participants to develop their cooking skills and learn how to make some new, healthy meals.

Each week there is a different theme or key message which aims to increase participants' knowledge of healthy eating.

The program is a great opportunity for participants to be directly involved in preparing healthy meals that they can do at home, while learning about key program messages.

The 4-week Koori Cooking Program has a "How to" guide which will be used by the successful teams when delivering the program.

What is the total cost of the 4-week Koori Cooking Program?

The approximate costs of the program are outlined on page 13 of the "How to" guide totalling approximately $1060 to run a 4-week program for 10-12 people. The costs include ingredients for each week, venue hire, promotion and equipment.

The NSW KHC are running a small grants program covering up to 50% of the costs, $500 (excluding GST). Successful teams are required to fund the remaining cost of the program.

When does it need to be delivered?

The Koori Cooking Program needs to be delivered during the Challenge with the key dates for applications and the program are listed below.


Successful teams must complete an outcome report by the due date. It will include participation and evaluation data from participants and the organisers. Please review page 44-47 of the "How to" guide.

To apply for a small grant to run this program in your community, please fill out the Application details below.

Teams are encouraged to share photos and videos showing their team in action on social media and include #kooricooking and #knockouthealthchallenge. Teams can also tag @NSWKnockoutChallenge and @KooriCookOff.

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  • Please complete your application to run 4 Week Koori Cooking Program in your community.